About Me

I'm a Wirral, Merseyside based photographer producing photographic artwork which is pictorial in style with a subject matter ranging from landscapes, architecture, people and flowers to digital infrared.

I bought my first camera, a Sony F717 bridge camera, in the digital age of photography and this introduced me to the World of infrared photography. I've been hooked on this fine art medium ever since and I shoot in wavelengths of invisible light from 590nm "Super colour" infrared through to 720nm standard infrared and 830nm pure infrared. These wavelengths of light give me a wide range of options from faux colour to monochrome images.

From the Sony F717 bridge camera I progressed to a Minolta 5D DSLR and then naturally on to Sony cameras. My main camera now is the mirrorless Sony A6400 for colour and the A6000 camera which has been permanently converted to infrared.

Being self-taught in photography and taking it up in my mid 50's, I joined Hoylake Photographic Society where I quickly learnt the art of photography from visiting professionals to the club giving their presentations and talks. Digital photography allowed me to make mistakes, correct them and learn fast without the cost of expensive film.

In 2018 I won the National Trust Handbook Cover competition with "Dawn on Llyn Dinas" with the handbook going to over 5 million members. Inspired by Kathleen Clemons in the United States, my more recent work involves mixing flowers and textures together to produce images with painterly look and feel to them.