Monday, 28 February 2022

Upcoming Fairs

 I sell prints and gift cards of my photography at art and craft fairs on the Wirral Peninsula, but I don't sell them online through a website. The opportunity to buy my work in person is limited during the year. Although I enjoy meeting people and talking about my photography I only attend a few fairs per year and the latest list of 2022 events is below. It will be updated if more events are booked.

2022 Events

23-24th April - Independent Wirral Market, Woodside Terminal 

2nd May - Ashton Park May Fair, West Kirby

8th May - Secret Gardens of Oxton

21-22nd May - Independent Wirral Market, Woodside Terminal

18th June - Makers Market, St. Andrews Church, West Kirby

2nd July - Photographic Exhibition, Hope Anti Super Market, Victoria Rd, New Brighton

16th July - Makers Market, St. Andrews Church, West Kirby

6th-20th Aug - Tate Aisle Summer Exhibition, Birkenhead Park Visitor Center, Wirral.

13th-14th August - Larton Livery Family Fest, Frankby, Wirral

9th October - Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

Other events may be added between June and December.