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I'm a retired Wirral fire-fighter and enthusiast photographer with a passion for digital photography in colour, black and white and infrared. A self-taught photographer I became interested in digital photography in 2004.

My first camera, the Sony F717 bridge camera, introduced me to the "instant" world of digital photography. With an electronic viewfinder and being digital it was the perfect tool for me to learn photography on as it allowed me to instantly see the effects that changes made to the shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity and white balance had on the image before taking the shot. The live histogram also helped in this respect, and with no costly film processing to worry about I could make my mistakes, re-shoot and learn fast.

It also introduced me to digital infrared photography by accident. Using the cameras "Nightshot" mode with an R72 infrared and NDx4 filter attached to the lens, infrared photos could be taken and it’s an interest that’s grown into a passion over the years.

I soon outgrew the Sony F717 and progressed through various Sony A mount cameras making the switch to a Sony A7mk2 mirrorless E mount full frame camera in 2015.

My love of infrared continues and a Sony A200 A mount camera which was permanently converted to the 720nm wavelength has been replaced with a Sony A6000 mirrorless E mount camera which has been permanently converted to the 590nm "Goldie" wavelength of light.

I've been a member of Hoylake Photographic Society for several years now and my photography has been influenced by some the best photographers in the North-West who have visited the club as guest speakers. They have passed on their post processing techniques and tips over the years and out of this knowledge my own photographic style has emerged. I'll shoot anything from landscapes, architecture, people, flowers, to sports.

I enjoy the creative possibilities that post processing digital photographs provides and to help me to create my photographs I use Lightroom for RAW conversion, Topaz and Nik software plugins for Photoshop and Aurora 2018 for HDR photography.

Since taking up photography I've tried my hand at Wedding photography which I found stressful, stock photography which I found boring and I'm now settled on producing fine art prints which suits my pictorial style of photography. My philosophy is simply to create something interesting and beautiful in camera and through post processing that some-one may wish to own, hang on their wall and enjoy.

I'm the Prizewinner of the Williamson Open 2014 and you can buy a selection of my photographs and gift cards from Gallery 14 at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Oxton, Birkenhead. I'm a regular participant in the Wirral Open Studio Tour and other Wirral fairs.

My photograph "Dawn on Llyn Dinas" was chosen as the National Trust Handbook cover 2018.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and a guestbook comment is always appreciated.