Monday, 28 February 2022

Upcoming Fairs

 I sell prints and gift cards of my photography at art and craft fairs on the Wirral Peninsula, but I don't sell them online through a website. The opportunity to buy my work in person is limited during the year. Although I enjoy meeting people and talking about my photography I only attend a few fairs per year and the latest list of 2022 events is below. It will be updated if more events are booked. A limited number of my most popular prints are on sale at Blue Moon Framing and Gallery on Telegraph Road in Heswall on the Wirral Peninsula throughout the year if you can't attend any of the fairs.

2022 Events

23-24th April - Independent Wirral Market, Woodside Terminal 

2nd May - Ashton Park May Fair, West Kirby

8th May - Secret Gardens of Oxton

21-22nd May - Independent Wirral Market, Woodside Terminal

18th June - Makers Market, St. Andrews Church, West Kirby

2nd July - Photographic Exhibition, Hope Anti Super Market, Victoria Rd, New Brighton

16th July - Makers Market, St. Andrews Church, West Kirby

6th-20th Aug - Tate Aisle Summer Exhibition, Birkenhead Park Visitor Center, Wirral.

13th-14th August - Larton Livery Family Fest, Frankby, Wirral

9th October - Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

Other events may be added between June and December.