Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Picfair Prints and Digital Downloads

Covid-19 has hit the local Wirral art scene extremely hard. Naturally under these difficult circumstances, art fairs, art events, shops and museums have either cancelled their planned events for 2020 or sadly closed down permanently and it's uncertain when things will get back to normal.

For me, one of the joys of taking photographs has always been watching them sell as prints and gift cards at local fairs or showing them in exhibitions. Talking to members of the public about my photography across an art fair stall was a lot of fun. Having them stored on a hard drive and not viewed at all is an incredibly sad prospect.

To compensate for Covid-19 restrictions and to get my work out there and seen, this blog is a big help, but I've also enlisted the help of Picfair. Picfair is a stock photography website that also provides a print on demand service. As well as being able to sell licenced images, Picfair offers a small range of Giclee prints, framed prints and canvass wrap options to a potential buyer. 

For a small £50 per year membership fee I've been able to build my own website hosted by Picfair to showcase my best photography under the name of George Evans Photography

Selling photography online is extremely difficult and I'm not expecting to make a fortune. In fact I'd be amazed if I'm able to get the £50 membership fee back in sales but linked to this blog it's a small price to pay to get an unlimited number of my wider images seen by the public. The blog can only do so much.

To date there are over 130 of my best photographs hosted on my new Picfair website with more being added weekly. Images can be viewed in albums from the drop down menu in the top left corner of the homepage. Of course there is no compulsion to buy or licence an image if you do visit but if you do then I hope that you find the pricing reasonable and comparable to my art fair prices. 

The reason for this new venture is to provide an opportunity to those who normally enjoy my photography but due to Covid-19 are now are unable to purchase locally, an outlet to owning a print. If you're not in the need for wall art then I sincerely hope that you get enjoyment out of simply visiting George Evans Photography and viewing the images. It won't cost you a penny. Thank you for your support.